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What is the value of news? Recently, someone asked Skook news, “How do you define the word ‘journalistic value’?” Good question; check the answer. 

News elements:

What is the informational element that makes the Skook News story newsworthy? Pay close attention to these 10 newsworthy items to see which ones apply to your specific announcements.

And remember, it is fact that a good story is based on:

  • Who? 
  • What? 
  • When? 
  • Where?
  • Why? 
  • How?

Skook News educates their reporters and writers. Good news contains more than one element. 


Location, location, location: If the event happens nearby, it will have a greater impact on the audience than in other places (for example, another state or another country) that does not have much impact on them. 


A familiar person, place, or event has a stronger news perspective than something unfamiliar to the audience. The guest speaker who visits your local elementary school to take over for storytime won’t resonate with many people … unless the speaker is Oprah.


Today’s news has more influence than what happened yesterday or last week. When there is always new news on Skook News, the media will quickly lose interest and past events will become obsolete. Rarity If something is unusual, shocking, or bizarre, rarity alone can make it news. 


If the influence of an event can directly affect readers, they will want to identify. The ground robbery at the Watergate Hotel was white noise in radio waves until the identity of the key participants became clear to the country


Audiences in conflict are always interested in confrontations, arguments, and disagreements. If an event has a conflict related to it, many consumers will only be interested in this basis. Skook News always tries to build a positive impact at end of such news.

Human interest:

Let’s not forget that it is part of human nature to choose a position and defend this choice. Stories involving conflict include religion, sports, business, trials, wars, human rights violations, politics, and even struggles with nature, animals, or outer space. Humanistic care:

If a situation causes some form of emotional reaction, it may contain the novel element of a humanistic care story. These stories can be snapshots of “soft”, inspiring comeback tales, or outrageous reports of incompetence by public figures. Extreme / Top Reporters and viewers may be interested in the first, the best, the smallest, the highest if you can legally claim one. 

Be careful: 

Do not pay too much attention to a false thing, exaggerate or overstress. Dishonesty here will come back and will bite you. 


Everyone likes to hate the prankster congressman who sends inappropriate images under a ridiculous virtual identifier. The Skook News reporters understand the scandals well. 


Whether it is a peaceful protest covering five blocks or all 52 cars at the launch, the more people involved in the incident, the more news will be. Similarly, the number of people affected by the incident will affect its notoriety, be it the minimum wage adjustment or the so-called Ebola epidemic. 

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